Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cranberry Margaritas

cranberry margarita 2

I could give you all of the excuses as to why I have not been around (started a new job, launched a blog with my sisters, the holidays, etc) but I have done that before. Truth be told, this blog is for me. I use it like a digital cookbook that I am constantly referring back to for tried and true recipes that my family loves. So who cares if it is updated three times a week (like in the good old days) or once every three months.

But enough with the rambling, what brought me back you ask? These cranberry margaritas (i.e a recipe worth documenting). I hosted my annual cookie exchange party a couple weeks ago and used these as one of the signature cocktails and just fell for them. The perfect treat for the holidays.

Who knows, perhaps I will see you in a few days or maybe next year. Regardless, I promise I will return with a great new recipe. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (just in case).

cranberry margarita
Cranberry Margaritas
Servings: 4 margaritas
adapted from Cook Like a Champion 

1 tbsp kosher salt
1 tbsp sugar
Pinch each of cinnamon
2 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
4 oz freshly squeezed orange juice
6 oz tequila

Mix salt, sugar and cinnamon together on a small plate. Rub the rims of 4 Old Fashioned glasses with a lime wedge. Dip rims in salt mixture and fill glasses with ice.
For each cocktail, combine ½ ounce lime juice, 1 ounce orange juice, 1½ ounces tequila, and 2 tablespoons of cranberry jam in a cocktail shaker; fill with ice. Cover and shake until outside is frosty, about 30 seconds. Strain into prepared glass.

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I know how you Doran's love your tequila!
    Eva http://kitcheninspirations.wordpress.com