Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vanilla Extract: Basics

Vanilla Extract Close up

Ready for another adventure in homemade basics? Great! Let's try our hand at vanilla extract today. Of course you could buy vanilla extract but once you see how simple it is to make why would you? Plus you know exactly what goes into it [which I am a huge champion of] and it is much cheaper than buying the real stuff at the store [any complaints here?].

This process it just as simple as combining vodka and vanilla beans. The hard part is letting them sit for a couple of months while the magic happens. But in the end it is totally worth the wait! No go pick up some vodka and vanilla beans on your way home today and get prepping.

Vanilla Extract

Not only will you enjoy these yourself but the little bottles make wonderful holiday gifts because they literally last forever and EVERYONE uses vanilla extract. I bought my bottles from the container store and the vanilla beans from to purchase in bulk. For gifts I like to accompany them

Vanilla Extract
Source: Simple Recipes
Yield: 1c.

3 vanilla beans
1 c Vodka
container with tight fitting lid

Using a paring knife, slice the vanilla beans in half length wise. Place in a jar or bottle and fill with vodka, covering the beans completely.

Make sure to shake the bottle every so often to distribute the vanilla seeds throughout the vodka. Store at room temperature for two months until dark in color.

Top off with more vodka as needed and shake to incorporate.
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