Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Cake

This past weekend I had the privilege of making a wedding cake for a great, fun loving couple. It was a lot of work but for my first cake I am pretty happy with the results.

They knew the flavor combination they wanted right away so we started there.
Devil's Food Cake [which I multiplied by 12 to make the three layers and an extra sheet cake]
Chocolate Mocha Gnache Filling [instead of water I used coffee and then added another tbsp of instant coffee to each batch. I ended up making 4 double batches of this gnache]

They decided on butter cream frosting, which tastes so much better than the more formal fondant. I used this recipe and it was fool proof! [I made at least 8 double batches of this frosting] I used all shortening [no butter] to make sure it was stable in the June heat.

I used this guide from Wilton to determine the size of the layers. We ended up with 14x14 inch, 10x10 inch and a 6x6 inch [which was saved for their one year anniversary]. I also made a 12x18 inch sheet cake for extra slices.

I used the tutorial from Joy the Baker to point me in the right direction of creating, transporting, and decorating the cake. I too decided to decorate onsite. While this was nerve racking I think it was the right choice so that there was no concern for damage on my 45 minute drive to the reception site.

The overall look of the cake was designed by the bride and groom. They wanted simple and casual with the colors green, brown and white. They also provided the extra flower to match their decor.

So have you made a wedding cake? Did it turn out the way you expected?
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  1. The cake was delicious!! Thank you so much again for making it. Everyone loved it.